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What we do. 

Equine Veterinary Dentist provides a modern dedicated approach to equine dentistry.  The only Advanced practitioner in Equine Dentistry in the North East. 


James Roxburgh MRCVS BVM&S Cert AVP(ED) is a qualified vet providing on yard mobile dental services for horses in the North of England and Scotland. 

Equine Veterinary Dentist provides a complete dental service from routine procedures including rasping, balancing of teeth and wolf tooth extraction, through to advance referral procedures. To provide a gold standard of dental services we have invested in state of the art equipment, technology, training and the latest techniques.

We encourage horses to have a small sedative to provide a relaxed, safe and modern dental examination.  The horses’ head is then rested on a padded headstand to facilitate a highly detailed oral examination with any corrective treatments carried out quickly and efficiently, minimizing stress for the owner, horse and vet. After every visit each client will recieve an electronic dental record chart.

Dental examinations can be carried out without sedative in quiet horses, however in many cases this will compromise both the detailed oral examination and corrective treatments - especially at the back of the horses narrow mouth. 

*All treatments are full insured and covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Competitive Pricing
About James.

James Roxburgh MRCVS BVM&S CertAVP(ED) pgSVS

Since a young age I have always had a real interest in dentistry and this developed throughout my university career, winning the Joe Frazer equine soft tissue award at the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College. To date I have spent 10 years achieving training and expertise to become a dedicated equine veterinary dentist.

In 2019 I achieved advanced practitioner status in Equine Dentistry, completing my certificate through the University of Liverpool and passing the dental exam with distinction.  I am currently the only Advanced equine dental practitioner in the whole of the North East.

Since graduating I have advanced my dental training, attending multiple equine dental courses from world leading dental specialists. I also completed the advanced dental extraction course in November 2016, including becoming trained in the Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Screw Extraction technique for complex cheek tooth extractions.




In order to keep our costs competitive we require a minimum of 3 horse to be treated on every booking - smaller groups can be treated however will incur a visit charge (similar to that charged by vet call out fees)
Routine Exam, rasping and balancing (including Sedation*)
£75 (INC VAT)


Recommended every 6 - 12 months for every horse. Price includes sedation.

(discount for large Groups.

For less than 3 horses a visit charge may be incurred)

*price quoted includes routine sedation - additional charges will be incurred for additional sedative. Advanced reductions are additional.

Routine Exam, rasping and balancing (No Sedation)
£60 (INC VAT)


Recommended every 6 - 12 months for every horse. For those well behaved horses.

(Discount for large groups.

For less than 3 horses a visit charge may be incurred)

Detailed oral examination may be compromised without appropriate sedation

Wolf Tooth Extractions
£20 - 60 (INC VAT)


Recommended for wolf teeth causing ridden or bitting problems. All horses receive sedation, local anaesthetic and extraction.

(dependent on size, time and location of the teeth - specific cost given at time)

Cheek Tooth Extraction (includes oral and MITSE techniques)
£(Case Dependant)


All oral extractions carried out under standing sedation, local anaesthetic blocks and with specialised state of the art equipment. All cases include radiography.

Diastema assessment and treatment 
£(Case Dependant)


Includes oroscopic assessment, flushing, bridging or widening where appropriate

Restorations/ Fillings
£(Case Dependant)


We carry out full infundibular, occlusal and incisor restorations.  Please contact us for further information and to discuss.

Digital Radiography/ X-Rays 
£(Case Dependant)


Digital radiography of the teeth and sinuses including jaw swellings with a full report.

Periodontal disease 
£(Case Dependant)


Includes oroscopic assessment and treatment of periodontal disease, severe ulceration or gingival recession


Melissa Chapman

Dressage Rider

James offers a professional, thorough and friendly service. 

He does the dentistry for my whole yard of competition horses and I am always more than happy with the results. 

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist for their horse. 

Katie Magee

Event Rider

James has been our vet dentist for the last couple of years. In that time he has successfully treated a wide range of horses with various dental issues.


Whilst he is incredibly knowledgable, he explains everything clearly and is very approachable. 

The horse respond in kind to his calm manner and even my top horse Dolly doesn't mind his visits! He offers a very professional service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. 


Show Team 

We have known James for a few years now and we really appreciate his professional and highly skilled approach to every aspect of his dental services. 

It is vital our horses get the best dental care and we certainly get this through James. 

We wouldn't think twice about recommending him. 



Vet and Dentist

Dr. James D Roxburgh



Mrs Sarah-Kate Roxburgh




State of the art motorised dental floats, rubber lined dental gags
and precision dental hand tools



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